Reaching the Last Mile Conference Expo

Reaching the Last Mile Conference Expo

At the Reaching the Last Mile Forum @rlmglobalhealth at @cop28uaeofficial , on the invitation of HRH Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan (@mohamedbinzayed President of the UAE),

my message was quite clear ; 50 countries have been able to get rid of NTD's (neglected tropical diseases) but we still have 50 more to go.

And the only way to get there is : "To declare continuity and commitment as allies and while we deliberate on building the things that will outlive us, let us not neglect the things that will help us live"

And most importantly this is the last mile but not the end, and so "Let the last mile become the first step towards a future, uncertain but full of promise".

Right there is where promises must bring unity amongst us, to the act and deliver!

As a @gatesfoundation goalkeeper, it fills my heart with delight to be a part of this because NTD's are unassuming yet deadly.

@rlmglobalhealth Forum, in partnership with @gatesfoundation , we witnessed historic pledges made to end diseases including malaria, polio and neglected tropical diseases.

RLM, through the leadership of HH Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President of the UAE, has committed to giving $100 million, matched by another $100 million from the @gatesfoundation and $50 million from each of @ciffchild and @thecartercenter to eliminate two of these diseases across the entire African continent.

Congratulations once again to @rlmglobalhealth for raising 777 million dollars to see the end of NTD's in the world!

Ps : once I get the full video will post it♥️✨️

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