Art4Cancer Exhibition

Art4Cancer Exhibition

I had the incredible privilege of serving as the MC on the invitation of our mother @drzus for the Art4Cancer exhibition organized by @medicaidcf dedicated to supporting prostate cancer patients. It was an inspiring event where I had the opportunity to lead the auction of the captivating art pieces in collaboration with the amazing Mr Austin and I'm thrilled to share that we successfully sold all of them.

Being part of this initiative reaffirmed my belief that art is not just a form of expression; it's a lifeline, a catalyst for change. Creatives, like ourselves, are always ready to lend our voices to important causes that save lives and contribute to social change and development. Art is a powerful tool that cannot be overlooked in addressing critical issues in our society.

As a spoken word artist committed to advocating for social change and justice, I am deeply passionate about leveraging art as a means to drive meaningful impact. Events like the Art4Cancer exhibition remind us of the profound influence art can have in raising awareness, fostering dialogue, and ultimately making a difference in the lives of others.

Let's continue to use our creative talents to be a driving force for positive change in our communities and beyond. Together, we can harness the power of art to create a brighter, healthier future for all.

Big shoutout to all the selfless artists that came out and did lend their voice through their art work for this!

Shout out to @maigaskiya for curating this!

@mariyasanusi_ for dressing me up this good 😍

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